About Us

Come and have some fun with us!

We are a family owned business focused on scenario style paintball.  When you come to our fields you get full run of our facility and personalized game play.


Standard start times are at 9:00, 2:00 and dark if you are playing Nightball.  Its best to be on site 15 minutes before your scheduled start time to get checked in.  The smallest group we will accept is 6.  Because we are a course that caters to scenario play, every group gets its own referees and has full run of the fields until the next group starts.  If you are a small group and want to play against another group please send us a contact form and we will try to pair you with another similar sized group.


Walk-ons:  At this time we are not excepting walk-ons unless you are walking on with 5 friends :).  That being said, if you are less than 6 and want to play, call the office and we will try to get you added to one of our other groups.

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