YOUR FUN STARTS HERE!  There are 3 steps.  Step 1:  schedule your event.  Click the green button below and select an open date and time on the Calendar.  Each daytime session is 3 Hours, each nighttime session is 2 Hours.  Step 2:  Go to Pricing and Packages and pick your package and pay for it.  Once you pay, your date is reserved unless you decide to re-schedule.  Step 3:  Sign your waiver.  Everything can be signed and submitted online.  If you have any questions, feel free to call or send us a contact card through the website.



Come join us for good family fun.  We began this company as an opportunity to provide safe fun ADVENTURES for people of all ages.  If you are a family wanting to bond, a parent planning a birthday, a youth group that needs cohesion, a company that needs teamwork, a church that needs unity, a pledge class that needs a function or a person who just needs to forget his worries for the day . . . we are the place for you!!!


“So I recommend having fun…”

                                        Eccl 8:15


We love paintball but more than paintball we love Scenario Ball.  At Gunslingers Paintball we believe what makes a fun game is the Scenario.   Multiple Missions that build on one another.  The team that wins the mission gains an advantage for the next mission.  The player that looks for more than just the enemy may find hidden stashes of paint, shirts or other supplies.  Some missions may require more than just skills with a paintball gun!!!  WHY PLAY JUST PAINTBALL WHEN THERE’S SCENARIO BALL!


Is there anything better than a beautiful sunset in Oklahoma?  How about watching it go down while playing a game of NIGHTBALL!  

2 hour time slots, Minimum of 10 to play.


“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.”

                                                                                Matt 6:34

Stillwater Gunslingers Paintball

Come and have some fun with us!

Team Challange

If you have a team of 5 or more and want to challenge another team to a duel, send us a contact card stating your team name and size.   We will then work to schedule similar size teams for a battle of Champions!


Because we cater to groups and Scenario play, walk-ons need to contact us directly for scheduling.

Events at Stillwater Gunslingers Paintball

Keep an eye out for upcoming events!

Paintball Shop

At our check in station we keep all the essentials for paintball.  In addition we also keep drinks, snacks, sunscreen and other miscellaneous items on tap.  Forget to bring camo?  We have shirts with our logo ready to go!

Explore The Game

Multiple fields used multiple ways

The Forest

Snipers Nest

Pallet Maze

The Clock...Coming Soon!

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